Our Philosophy

Firm on Principles, Sound in Law

Law is what we know. Adhering firmly to principles is what we do.
Our philosophy can best be understood as a matrix that covers:

Value Proposition

Sound Legal approach, that resolves issues our clients face

Relationship approach

Valuing relationships beyond transactions.

People Orientation & long-term focus.


Litigation & non-litigation legal services for mid and large corporates, broadcasters, film production houses, film producers, large studios, content aggregators, film distributors, etc.

Corporate & Commercial and Secretarial services for any corporate.


Be & remain a valuable resource partner to enterprises- enabling them the freedom to conduct business with the assurance that we take care of the legalese and legalities.

Our Core

Proactive & Responsive subject-matter expertise & advice for business benefit


Time-Bound, Quality Assured results that make a measurable difference in your business.